Shipping Containers

Shipping containers were originally designed to transport goods across the open ocean on ships. They are lightweight, strong, weatherproof and stackable. They quickly became very popular for furniture removalists, who could transport furniture safely between two locations on the back of a truck. 

A range of size variants have been introduced over time, to include smaller 10ft mini containers, 20ft high cubes (which were 1ft higher than a standard 20ft container), larger 40ft container and 20ft side door opening containers to enable easier access.

Part of their popularity comes down to affordability - if buying is too expensive, they can be hired for a small daily fee. 

SCF's range of storage containers are made from Weathering Carbon Steel to provide the maximum protection from harsh weather conditions and vermin, whilst also maintaining structural integrity for many years.

These containers represent a cost effective solution for short or long-term storage of furniture, auto parts, tools & equipment or excess stock.

Containers are also quick and easy to deploy, so you don't have to wait for processes commonly associated with building or extensions. 

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