Hiring a shipping container

It's more affordable than you think...

Did you know you can hire shipping containers?

You can hire a container for less than the cost of a coffee per day.

Many people think that you can only buy a shipping container. Depending on the type of container, it could set you back anywhere from $2,500 or more.

But hiring is a much more affordable, and often times, more appropriate option.

Read up on our Should I Hire or Buy a Shipping Container guide for all the information.

Advantages of hiring shipping containers

Many organisations need a more flexible solution when it comes to buying shipping containers. If you need a temporary storage container, a short-term transport solution, or need to frequently change storage capacity, then it makes more sense to rent a container for the period that suits you (31-day minimum).

Renting a shipping container is more budget & cash-flow friendly, and short-term shipping container rentals are tax deductible if categorised as an operating cost. Renting a container also allows you to vary the size of container you rent month to month; great for seasonal businesses and periods you may need more storage space than others.

Our high-quality containers offer protection against the elements. All containers for hire are waterproof, windproof & impervious to pests & vermin, and extra security options such as lock boxes are available.

How much does shipping container hire cost?

Shipping container hire is charged at a daily rate, inc GST. The first month must be paid in full, and then ongoing payments can be paid by direct debit each month.

In addition to the hire cost, you will also have to a pay delivery fee, a return delivery fee, called de-hire, and two lift fees in depot (for the retrieval of container and return placement in depot).

The cost of delivery and de-hire depends on how far away you are from depot. We can quote directly once you provide us with a delivery address.

How long can I hire a container for?

Most containers will come with a minimum hire term, which starts at 31 days.

The good thing about hire is that you can easily extend your hire term if you need the container for longer. Our casual hire rates mean you call us when you are ready to return the container and we will get pick up organised.

If you know you will need it for a long time, you can let us know and we are able to provide a more competitive daily hire price. 

Hire a 20ft shipping container

20ft shipping containers are the most common and popular container types to hire.

They fit in most drive ways and yards, and provide up to ~30m2 of internal storage space. 

Like all other shipping containers, they are wind watertight and vermin proof.

Hire a 20ft Container

Hire a 40ft shipping container

40ft shipping containers are the next most popular container for hire. They are great for extra storage and properties with more space. 

The internal storage of a 40ft shipping container is ~63m2, while a 40ft high cube container, which is more common is ~71.6m2.

Hire a 40ft Shipping container

From depot to your door

From depot to your door

Shipping container applications

Our containers are used in a multitude of applications, from on-site storage, containerised offices or workspaces, refrigeration, intermodal transport and more. We have a range of container types and sizes available for hire.

It is that easy to hire?

We try and make it as easy as possible to hire a shipping container. Our Customer Service Team are highly experienced and can answer all your questions. This includes pricing, configurations, modifications, availability, product types and delivery.

They will often suggest a range of solutions that might best suit your needs. 

Do you have containers for hire near me?

SCF has a national depot network with new stock arriving regularly. We have a range of approved third party transport companies who can delivery your container via a range of methods, that best suit the container type and your property. 

See our depot network

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