Store 37,000L to over 1,000,000L of liquid on site

SCF tanks are designed to make liquid management easier

Bulk liquid storage tanks are the solution to your liquid management needs on site. Organised in a farm configuration, your storage capacity is only limited by the amount of tanks you connect.

Designed for Australian Sites

SCF Bulk Liquid Storage tanks come with a range of safety and operational features that you can rely on.

SCF Shipping Containers - Quick to Deploy & Relocate

Quick to Deploy & Relocate

Quickly deploy tanks to site. With limited ground preparation required, you can place them on a flat service and get started. Some units come with dual axles that are road trainable too.
SCF Shipping Containers - Scale to Suit Your Site

Scale to Suit Your Site

Starting at 37,000L and increasing to 77,000L, you can connect multiple tanks to increase capacity to over 1 million litres of liquid storage. The only limit is the amount of tanks you connect.
SCF Shipping Containers - Safe To Operate

Safe To Operate

Safety is critical on any site. SCF Tanks include a range of safety features for operators, including stairs and pop-up rails to protect employees who are working from height. They also come with side hatches for ground access to the inside of the tank.

Quick to Deploy and Relocate

Get your project started. SCF tanks are quick to deploy, with limited preparation required from depot to site. Their design enables them to be placed on flat ground, without the need to level off or clear the surface. 

Move them between sites too (when empty), with minimal effort. 

Space constraints? You can even stack them.

Scale to Suit Your Site

Storage requirements on mining sites are often significant. SCF tanks can be connected into a farm configuration to increase your on site storage capacity.

When it comes to storage capacity, the sky (amount of tanks) is the limit. 

Safe to Operate

Safety on site is a non-negotiable. SCF tanks are designed with safety at the forefront. Operators can mount the tank using built in ladders and pop-up top rails for working at height.

With side hatches, operators can access the tank internals from the ground, making confined space work easier too.

Bulk Liquid Storage Tank Range

SCF Container Solutions - 25ft Bulk Liquid Storage Tank

25ft Bulk Liquid Storage Tank

SCF’s 25ft Bulk Liquid Storage tank container is designed for small-scale metro construction remediation and dewatering projects. Manufactured for reliability, durability and efficiency, they are the ideal on-site storage solution for liquids, with a capacity of 37,000L.
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SCF Container Solutions - 45ft Bulk Liquid Storage Tank

45ft Bulk Liquid Storage Tank

SCF’s 45ft Bulk Liquid Storage Tank is suited to large-scale industrial cleaning and on-site storage projects. With a capacity of 77,000L, it has been designed with a range of efficient mobilisation and safety features.
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SCF Container Solutions - 48ft Wheeled Bulk Storage Tank

48ft Wheeled Bulk Storage Tank

SCF’s 48ft Wheeled Bulk Storage Tank Container provides a scalable storage solution that can be deployed and fully operational within days, with storage volumes of up to 1 million litres.
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SCF Container Solutions - Vertical Bulk Liquid Storage Tank

Vertical Bulk Liquid Storage Tank

Vertical Bulk Liquid Storage Tanks deliver maximum storage on a minimal footprint. With the skid mounted design they are fast and efficient to mobilise and commission on site as they require minimal site preparation. These tanks are an efficient option for both short term projects and longer term existing site infrastructure.
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Sediment Separation

For projects that require on site water treatment, SCF Flowback Tanks provide sediment separation.

An internal S bend weir system allows liquids to move seamlessly from one end of the tank to the other. As the liquid moves through the tank, the sediment drops and is captured at the bottom on the tank. 

Depending on the level of treatment required, multiple tanks can be connected, which provide further separation as the water moves through additional bends and weirs. 

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