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Satellite Communication Containers

November 11 , 2015
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Satellite Communication Containers

Two SCF satellite communication containers have been heli-lifted into Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea as part of SpeedCast’s autonomous remote communications solution.

SpeedCast’s mandate was to source a superior version of the existing solution that is currently being used by a major oil and gas company in PNG, and approached SCF to take on this project. With previous factory built container rooms catching SpeedCast’s eye, they were confident that SCF could provide the experience and expertise required to deliver a robust solution to house their remote communications equipment, including redundant 2.4m VSAT antennas and wireless distribution system.

Features of the containers include:

  • 2 separate rooms including a side access insulated communications room and a rear access storage room, both fitted with lights, power and smoke alarms
  • 2 recessed AC units in the communications room for temperature control of the equipment
  • Lashing points and furniture rails within the inner walls, as well as floor recessed lashing loops to ensure smooth transportation
  • A hand rail and access gate system fitted to the roof of each unit, which has the ability to be folded down or removed for transportation
  • A satellite dish mounting system designed by engineering consultancy, Innovact
  • Wireless mast brackets fitted to the side of the containers which will work synchronised with the recessed cable bulkhead to broadcast the signal gained by the satellite dishes
  • Ability to be easily mobilised and transported via sea, rail and heli-lift

With easy access to the Adelaide depot, SpeedCast was able to oversee the modifications being applied to the containers and ensure there were minimal problems faced throughout the build.

In addition, both satellite communication containers were modified to fit within ISO standards, in particular OH&S requirements, and built to withstand the harsh conditions that the units will have to endure in PNG. The high quality and transportability of the units, resulted in SpeedCast being so pleased with SCF’s in-house engineering team and vast knowledge of containers, that a follow up order was secured by SCF.

Together SpeedCast and SCF have developed and delivered a market leading communications container solution.

shipping container construction site with satellites
shipping container construction site with satellites
shipping container construction site with satellites
shipping container construction site