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45ft Bulk Liquid Storage

45ft Bulk Liquid Storage

SCF’s 45ft Bulk Liquid Storage Tank is suited to large scale industrial cleaning and on-site storage projects. It has been designed with a range of efficient mobilisation and safety features.

Key Features

  • 500mm side access for cleaning and OHS
  • 2 x 500mm hatches in roof
  • Sump allows full evacuation
  • Full manifold allows unit connectivity for larger projects
  • 500BBL capacity
  • Can be double stacked to reduce footprint on site

Product Details

SCF’s 45ft Bulk Liquid Storage Tank offers a scalable storage solution for the construction, waste, chemical cleaning and shutdown sectors. 

Tanks are fitted with 8 inch manifolds with multiple 4 inch couplings, which allows units to be easily combined to create tank farms. Each unit is supplied with an FDA approved internal lining, so they can be deployed into large scale potable water storage projects. 

Skid mounted for fast, cost-effective long-distance mobilisation, these tanks are a versatile solution for onsite liquid storage requirements.


  • Brine and mud mixing

  • Jet mixers fitted

  • Mounting points for agitators

  • Double stackable in a loaded configuration

  • Various linings available 

45ft Bulk Liquid Storage Tank Dimensions, Volume and Weight

Specifications may vary

Litres 77,000
Length (mm) 13,716
Width (mm) 2,500
Height (mm) 2,896
Tare (kg) 10,500
Payload (kg) 76,000
MGW (kg) 86,500

How is this container delivered?

SCF Shipping Containers - Delivery Method - Tilt Tray

Tilt Tray

Tilt tray delivers a container off the back of the truck. Similar to a tow truck, the tray is mechanically lowered at an angle, and the container is slid off, with the truck moving forward at slow speed. This is the most common delivery method used for containers. Tilt trays are not suitable for sites with overhead power lines as the container height increases significantly when tilted.

SCF Shipping Containers - Delivery Method - Hiab Crane

Hiab Crane

Hiab cranes lift containers from a mechanism located behind the truck's cabin. This is used for smaller shipping containers, usually up to 20 foot, or when there is limited space for a side loader or tilt tray. Using a crane means the container is easily positioned at an angle or up on a raised area. It can also be used to place containers over a fence or other obstacles.

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