40ft Curtain Side Container

40ft Curtain Side Container

SCF’s 40ft Curtain Side container is ideal for both palletised and irregular freight profiles. The curtain enables access from both sides for easy operation and the intelligent design allows one person to access the unit safely.

Key Features

  • 2 pallet wide - up to 20 pallet spaces or 40 with a mezz deck
  • Hanging posts and gates
  • Full lashing rail for restraint
  • Load binder winches
  • Full double side opening

Product Details

SCF's 40ft Curtain Side container provides easy loading and unloading access for freight on both sides.

Built with safety in mind, hanging gates and posts enable safe handling for operators.

Ideal for fragile or soft pallets, the optional mezzanine deck provides increased flexibility for loading freight and double stacking of 40 pallets. 

Multiple restraint points located in the bottom side rail and recessed into the floor allow for the cartage of both palletised and irregular freight.

SCF also produces a range of other sizes and variants to provide alternative capacity options to suit your requirements.  

Curtain Side Options

  • Mezzanine deck system (40 pallets)

  • 4 buckle curtain system

  • Lightweight designs

  • Curtain and container branding

40ft Curtain Side Container Dimensions and Weight

Specifications may vary

Length (mm) 12,056
Width (mm) 2,412
Height (mm) 2,597
Length (mm) 12,192
Width (mm) 2,500
Height (mm) 3,000
Tare (kg) 6,310
Payload (kg) 25,750
MGW (kg) 32,000

40ft Curtain Side With Mezzanine Deck Dimensions and Weight

Specifications may vary

Length (mm) 12,080
Width (mm) 2,438
Height (mm) 2,600
Length (mm) 12,192
Width (mm) 2,500
Height (mm) 3,000
Tare (kg) 8,090
Payload (kg) 23,910
MGW (kg) 32,000

How is this container delivered?

SCF Shipping Containers - Delivery Method - Hiab Crane

Hiab Crane

Hiab cranes lift containers from a mechanism located behind the truck's cabin. This is used when there is limited space for a side loader or tilt tray. Using a crane means the container is easily positioned at an angle or up on a raised area. It can also be used to place containers over a fence or other obstacles.

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