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SCF has a wide range of Shipping Containers for hire and sale.

This range includes Mini Shipping Containers, which have the same strength and mobility as a standard 20ft container, but with a smaller footprint. Available as 9ft and 10ft, including high cube options, Mini Shipping Containers are ideal storage solutions for small sites with less bulky equipment to store.

Standard Shipping Containers are either 20ft or 40ft, including high cube options. Built to withstand the toughest of conditions, shipping containers are excellent for on-site storage and transportation of various cargo.

Side Door Shipping Containers provide the storage benefits of a standard shipping container, but the addition of a side door allows greater access to the cargo. This is especially beneficial if you need to regularly access and saves time when loading and unloading. There are Single Side Door Shipping Containers and Double Side Door Shipping Containers available.

All SCF Shipping Containers for hire are maintained to the highest quality standards to assure that they will store and transport your goods safely and securely.

There are a range of grades of used shipping containers for sale, meaning there’s an option for every budget.


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shipping containers