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refrigeration shipping containers

If your business needs refrigerated containers for intermodal transport, look no further. SCF has multiple refrigeration solutions that will keep your heat sensitive items at the ideal temperature including 2 pallet wide and double stacking configurations. We fully understand the crucial importance of reliable, economical and fail-safe refrigeration and have a range of containers designed specifically with the end user in mind.

SCF’s refrigerated containers are purpose-built, manufactured using the highest quality parts and materials, and made to last. We offer reefers and refrigerated cool rooms to fit every business’s needs.

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refrigeration shipping containers


Choose SCF Refrigerated Containers:

We designed SCF’s refrigerated containers to be as efficient and effective as possible. Their specialised insulation design allows for improved thermal properties, maintaining temperature longer with reduced machinery run time benefitting fuel consumption and machinery wear.

Our reefer containers are built to withstand loading and handling, even while carrying heavy loads. If you choose our containers, your goods will make it to their destination in perfect condition and will remain at the correct temperature throughout their journey.

If you’re interested in a cool room instead, our products are unbeatable. We offer insulated cool rooms with stainless steel interiors, making them both efficient and easy to maintain. As a bonus, our cool rooms have refurbished motors and are wide enough for two pallets, making storage convenient.

To learn more about these products, take a look at the refrigerated containers brochures below.


Refrigerated Containers You Can Trust:

When it comes to refrigerated goods and temperature sensitive cargo, you need cooling systems you can rely on. Faults or inconsistent cooling systems are simply not an option.

Our superior quality reefer containers are durable, reliable and designed to last. When you choose an SCF product, you know that quality is guaranteed.



SCF have depots in Adelaide, SA; Brisbane, QLD; Darwin, NT; Sydney, NSW, Perth, Melbourne, VIC & Karratha, WA.


Trust SCF To Help:

SCF is one of Australia’s largest container providers. We specialise in both new and used containers, and we offer products for sale and for hire.

If you need a custom container, let us know; our national depot network provides support at a local level.

To reach us, call 1300 637 789. Alternatively, fill out our online enquiry form, and a staff member will get back to you shortly. We look forward to doing business with you.