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intermodal shipping containers

Intermodal shipping containers are designed and built to be used for sea, rail and road transportation of goods without the need for unloading and reloading.

SCF’s range of intermodal shipping containers include Bulk Shipping Containers, 2 Pallet Wide Shipping Containers and Side Door Shipping Containers.

Bulk Shipping Containers are distinct with their flat internal walls and floor, with hatches on the roof of the container for quick loading and a full length letterbox hatch for ease of discharge. They are ideal for cargo such as grain, salt and magnesium.

2 Pallet Wide Shipping Containers are available from 20ft to 48ft and are designed for the movement of palletised goods. Vertical load bars provide an option for double stacking, reduces labour costs for loading and unloading and reduces risks for operators.

SCF is a pioneer in the design of the 20′ Side Door Shipping Container, which is suitable for all general freight with optional mezzanine decks to cater for freight of different heights. The Side Door Shipping Container is also suited to dense freight including steel coils and machinery.

We have a wide range of intermodal shipping containers for hire.

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intermodal shipping containers