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Intermodal containers are the most efficient way to transport cargo by road, rail and sea. We offer multiple intermodal container options for a wide range of applications; ensuring that you get the best transportation solution for your specific needs.

SCF’s range of intermodal shipping containers includes Bulk Shipping Containers, 2 Pallet Wide Shipping Containers and Side Door Shipping Containers. We are a pioneer in the design of the 20′ Side Door Shipping Container, which can be used for all general freight and has optional mezzanine decks to suit freight of varying heights. Our Side Door Shipping Container is also perfect for dense cargo, such as steel coils and machinery.

Our intermodal containers are engineered to give you maximum flexibility, cost efficiency and peace of mind when transporting goods. They are durable and made of quality materials for maximum reliability.

SCF intermodal containers are available for purchase or for hire across Australia, including Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, Perth and beyond.

To rent or buy an intermodal container, or if you have any questions about container costs, features, applications and more, please give our experienced sales team a call.

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intermodal shipping containers