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At SCF we have a wide array of products and solutions. We often find that our customers require a variety of products to satisfy their needs. Feel free to browse through our brochures. You can choose to download brochures individually or select multiple and we will send them all direct to your inbox.

Shipping Containers

scf general purpose shipping container

General Purpose

scf mini shipping container

Mini Container

scf 21ft refrigerated cool room container

21ft Cool Room

Intermodal Shipping Containers

scf 2pw end door dry container

2 Pallet Wide End Door Dry Container

scf bulk container

Bulk Container Brochure

scf side door container

Side Door Container

Refrigeration Shipping Containers

SCF refrigeration containers

Refrigerated Container

Tank Containers

scf bulk liquid storage tanks

Bulk Liquid Storage Tank

scf iso liquid tink

ISO Liquid Tank


ISO Pneumatic Tank

scf bulk liquid storage tanks

Frac Tank

Dangerous Goods Containers

SCF dangerous good container

Dangerous Goods Container SCF015 Series

scf dangerous goods container

Dangerous Goods

Portable Buildings

scf portable accommodation shipping container

Portable Accommodation

scf portable site office shipping container

Portable Site Office

scf ablution blocks shipping container

Portable Toilets

scf portable workshops shipping container

Portable Workshops

Depot Services

SCF depot network

Depot Services