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BBB Remote Site Services Portable Remote Laundry

BBB Remote Site Services approached us with a challenge to adapt a 40ft shipping container into a laundry come store room to operate in remote and harsh West Australian conditions.

Our sales and depot staff assessed the layout and modifications that would be suitable for the BBB Remote Site Services model as well as the staff working in the remote site.

In order to meet the need for fast mobilization and de-mobilization the unit had to be all in gauge which also allows for savings in transport costs via movement by side-loader.

Other shipping container modifications that were carried out in the depot were;

  • Full insulation to assist in the harsh weather
  • Power, air conditioning, lighting
  • Checker plate flooring for added strength and ease of maintenance
  • PA doors for ease of access
  • Benches, sinks and 6 commercial washers and dryers

Given the level of power required to run all the appliances extra fuse boards were added. The plumbing had to be specific to feed all the waste water externally via a one pipe outlet in order to further reduce costs by avoiding manifold set up.

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Portable Remote Laundry