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20′ Containers Donated For Community Fire Relief

December 7 , 2015
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20' Containers Donated For Community Fire Relief

The slow process of recovery has started after the devastating fires in South Australia’s mid-north destroyed over 85,000 hectares of valuable farmland. Amongst the lost land, the fire demolished over 87 homes and the lives of 2 local residents were lost which have left the area in a state of grief and financial hardship.

BlazeAid Inc., a volunteer-based organisation that helps communities rebuild after natural disasters are among the volunteers helping with the recovery process. By removing debris, fallen trees and rebuilding fences and other structures, BlazeAid Inc. have been working tirelessly to rebuild the communities and raise hope for families who have lost close to everything.

Recognising the selfless work of BlazeAid Inc., Richard Sykes CEO of SCF has provided 2 x 20’ containers free of charge to store equipment such as chainsaws and fencing tools used in the clean-up process. Transportation of the containers from SCF’s Adelaide depot to Roseworthy UniSA Campus was also provided complimentary by Tom Dimitropoulos of Tom’s Towing and Heavy Haulage.

As an organisation that relies entirely on donations, BlazeAid Inc. have created a donations wish list to ensure they can properly assist struggling communities. A link to the list can be found here, alternatively money donations can be made here.

Please give generously to support such a worthy cause.

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